Trampoline Reviews – Find The Best Trampoline For Your family

If this is your first-time shopping for a trampoline, you’re in good hands.  The first step is deciding what size you will need. It depends who the trampoline is intended for.  If you have limited yard space and have toddlers or small children. We recommend a 14-foot trampoline. If you have the room and want a trampoline that your kids can grow into then a 16 foot would be a good choice.  The 16 foot or a larger rectangular trampoline can be used by children and adults. To help you make your decision you can read reviews from the most popular trampoline brands on

14 Foot Trampolines

14 foot trampoline reviews

15 Foot Trampolines

15 foot trampoline reviews

16 Foot Trampolines

16 foot trampoline reviews

Rectangular Trampolines

rectangular trampoline reviews

Reviews found on sites like are perfect to help guild you to the trampoline that best fits your needs. They are from customers who’ve had real-world experiences with each product. After you purchase please write a review, you could help some else with their decision.

How To Find The Best Trampoline

As  stated above, reviews can help tremendously. Instead of sifting through hundreds of sites we’ve compiled the top 6 trampoline brands on the market. We will get to those shortly.

1 – Decide which size trampoline you want to buy Large trampolines, like the 16-foot have superior bounce and can be enjoyed by all ages. If space and/or money is a concern. A 14 or 15-foot trampoline would be a better option. For aspiring gymnast, multiple jumpers and adults looking for a really BIG trampoline. You can check out the rectangular trampoline<insertlink>. We have a comparison chart to help with your decision.

2 – Find the best trampoline available in that size – So, you’ve decided you want size to get. Congratulations! We’ve made the buying process even easier! Visit this corresponding page <insert link>. There you’ll find 6 or more of the best trampoline brands with prices and important information on each size.

3 – Find the trampoline that fits your current budget If you’re shopping on a budget. Each trampoline is listed with their exact price.

4 – Read the online reviews for that trampoline – After selecting a size and price that works for you. It’ll direct you to a page with reviews on each trampoline. Read a few reviews<insert link> before settling on one and risk being unsatisfied.

5 – Purchase your new trampoline and enjoy Almost done! The best thing about ordering a trampoline online is you eliminate the heavy lifting from store to car and car to yard. Once you’ve purchase your trampoline sit back, relax and it’ll be delivered to your door.

Simple as that! We hope these 5 steps make it easier to get the best trampoline for you and your family!

Popular Trampoline Reviews

Don’t waste time going through the hundreds of trampolines online. There are only 5 to really consider. The most requested brands with the best reviews are; Skywalker, Vuly, Propel, Springfree, and Rectangular Trampolines.

While most trampolines are your standard structure. The traditional metal frame and metal strings with an exterior pad to protect jumpers from the injury.  The brands listed above are made a little different.

They’ve made many new developments in your modern-day trampoline. As you will see below, each has its own innovations.

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker Trampoline – For the basketball lover in the family this is a slam dunk. It’s equipped with a hoop and a child-safety net. Available in several sizes to meet your jumping needs.  Available in 14ft, 15ft and 16ft

vuly trampoline reviews online

Vuly Trampoline – This is one trampoline manufacture that has gone above and beyond to entertain all! Its unique jump platform has built-in games for endless fun. Making it the most popular among children. A child-proof safety net to protect jumpers is standard. Its design is very family- friendly to accommodate kids and adults.

propel trampoline reviews

Propel Trampoline – Have you ever wish to have a fort; club house or secret hide out in your backyard? We’ve found the trampoline of your dreams! Available in 12-15-ft versions that include an enclosure. Overall safe, family-friendly activity enjoyed by all ages. 

springfree trampoline reviews

Springfree Trampolines –  Springfree revolutionizes trampoline safety. The biggest danger isn’t falling off the side of a trampoline, it’s getting fingers or toes stuck in the springs. Springfree wanted to eliminate any danger while enjoying a trampoline. Instead of traditional metal springs they’ve created a series of interlocking elastic bands. While still having a child-proof safety net.

rectangular trampolines

Rectangular Trampoline – Rectangular trampolines are quickly becoming more popular. Mainly used by gymnasts, extreme athletes and free runners. They have more space and are incredibly safe.